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"Interview with Mireille Guiliano"
Slow Control, August 2015
"French paradox: Why do few French women get fat?"
Buffalo News, August 2015
"Mireille Guiliano on Taking Risks, Not Having It All and Breaking Barriers in a Man's World "
BostInno, July 2015
"Mireille Guiliano's Passion for Oysters"
Mariani's Virtual Gourmet Newsletter, June 2015
"How to eat an oyster"
France Today French Entree, December 2-14
"Fearless Fabulous You"
iHeartRadio, December 2014
"The Connected Table Live"
iHeartRadio, December 2014
"Rules to live by from Veuve Clicquot’s former CEO"
Affluence Avenue, November 2014
"Mireille Guiliano, Meet Paris Oyster: A Love Affair with the Perfect Food"
Food & WIne Talk Radio, November 2014
"Mireille Guiliano Talks Oysters"
Women's Wear Daily,
"Mireille Guiliano’s Ode to an Oyster"
Quarterly Review of Wines, October 2014
"Good Night: The perfect evening’s sleep for health, wellness and wisdom ", August 2014
"Why French Women Don't Get Facelifts"
Fox News Health, February 2014
"C’est magnifique! French woman’s tips to stay young"
Today, January 2014
"7 Tips on Aging Gracefully from the Author of French Women Don't Get Facelifts "
Parade, December 2013
"Books: New and Noteworthy"
USA Today, December 2013
"Mireille Guiliano On Aging With French Dignity"
The New York Times Magazine, December 2013
"How French Women Curb Cravings: This 5-Minute Breakfast"
Elle, December 2013
" How French Women Curb Cravings: This 5-Minute Breakfast Read more: How French Women Curb Cravings: This 5-Minute Breakfast"
Elle, December 2013
"'French Women Don't Get Facelifts' Author Reveals the Secrets to Aging Gracefully (Q&A)"
Hollywood Reporter, December 2013
"French Women Don't Get Facelifts"
The Daily Beast, December 2013
" 'French Women Don't Get Facelifts' Author Mireille Guiliano Reveals Secret To Aging Gracefully"
Huffington Post, December 2013
"5 Lessons We Learned From Mireille Guiliano’s Latest Book, French Women Don’t Get Facelifts"
InStyle, December 2013
"Mireille Guiliano"
Bedtime Network, December 2013
"French Women Don't Get...Face-Lifts"
Allure, December 2013
"The Year's Best Books for the Road Ahead"
The Wall Street Journal, December 2013
"Aging à la Française"
Women's Wear Daily, December 2013
"How (Exactly) To Look Like A French Girl"
Refinery29, October 2013
"Leaning Out a la Francaise"
The Daily Beast, September 2013
"Spiced Chocolate Mousse"
France Today, June 2013
"Fromage Blanc With Blue Cheese and Chives"
France Today, June 2013
"The Hot New Career Of Idea Entrepreneur: What It Is And How To Become One"
Forbes, June 2013
"Poached Eggs with Salmon and Spinach"
France Today, June 2013
"Duck Breasts With Pears"
France Today, May 2013
"Mastering the Omelet "
The Wall Street Journal, March 2012
"For wedded bliss like William and Kate, pursue your passions together"
USA Today, April 2011
"Low-carb 17-Day, Dukan diets disappoint nutritionists"
USA Today, April 2011
"Bubbles & Bytes"
Boston Common, December 2010/January 2011
"French Women Don’t Get Fat Podcast"
It's Rainmaking Time, September 2010
"The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook - Radio Interview"
ABC Radio National, August 2010
"Should executives on holiday turn off their BlackBerrys?"
Financial Times, August 2010
"The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook - Review"
Gayot, August 2010
"Featured Cookbooks"
The Food Paper, August 2010
"À la Provençal, in moderation", July 2010
"Dishing With...Mireille Guiliano"
Northside San Francisco, July 2010
"Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire"
Work Style Magazine, Summer 2010
"Author on a mission of food harmony"
Chicago Tribune, June 2010
"Cooking the French Way"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 2010
"A conversation with Mireille Guiliano"
The American Business Journal, June 2010
""French Women Don't Get Fat" author talks about new cookbook "
The Oregonian, June 2010
"Want This: The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook"
NBC New York, May 2010
"Mireille Guiliano Dishes on her Latest Book"
Suite 101, May 2010
"Another French Revolution (With Chocolate and Champagne, of Course)"
Girls' Guide to Paris, May 2010
"Eat French--Stay Slim!"
Girls' Guide to Paris, May 2010
"Diet? What for?"
Winnepeg Free Press, May 2010
"French cookbook author Mireille Guiliano coming to Rockaway"
Daily Record, May 2010
"Why French women don’t get fat"
The Record, May 2010
"Why French Women Don't Get Fat: Sensual, sensible 'nondiet' strategy"
Hamilton Spectator, May 2010
"Learn To Eat Like A ‘Tres Chic’ French Woman"
Beverly Hills Courier, May 2010
" A MUST Have New Cookbook by Mireille Guiliano"
Seattle American Food Examiner, May 2010
New York Magazine, May 2010
"The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook"
France Today, April 2010
"A Conversation with Mireille Guiliano"
Paris Through Expatriate Eyes, April 2010
"French Women Don't Get Fat Author Releases a Cookbook"
Gather, April 2010
"Mireille Guiliano"
Good Food Revolution, April 2010
"Getting the Skinny on French Cooking"
Metro, April 2010
"Mireille Guiliano Shares Her Tricks for Portion Control and Feeding Picky Eaters"
iVillage, April 2010
"What's Right Now!"
InStyle, April 2010
"The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook"
Booklist, April 2010
"French Flair"
BookPage, April 2010
"Joie de Vivre"
Elle Canada, April 2010
"Dining Together with Mireille Guiliano and Judith Martin"
The wOw Effect Radio Show, April 2010
"Women, Work & The Art of Savoir Faire"
The American Business Journal, March 2010
"Required Reading"
Quarterly Review of Wines, Spring 2010
"The Trouble With Donuts"
Psychology Today, January 2010
"One to One: Mireille Guiliano, author, Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire."
CUNY TV, January 2010
"10 Books to a Better You!"
Shine from Yahoo!, January 2010
"10 Ways to Keep 'La Femme' in La Work", January 2010
"Food, Fear and Business Success"
CNN, December 2009
"Two Reviews from the Wall St. Journal "
The Wall Street Journal , December 2009
"Good Day Atlanta"
Good Day Atlanta , December 2009
"Books Roundup: Self-help"
USA Today , November 2009
"Learning Savoir Faire!", October 2009
"Identifying and Eliminating Stress "
ABC's View from the Bay in San Francisco, October 2009
"Five Questions for Mireille Guiliano "
San Francisco Chronicle , October 2009
"When to Say 'No' – And More Life Lessons From Mireille Guiliano", October 2009
"Two reviews from USA Today "
USA Today , Fall 2009
"A Drink With Mireille Guiliano ", June 2008
"French Women Don't Eat at Their Desks "
ForbesLife Executive Woman, June 2008
"French Women Don't Get What? How? ", April 2008
"Mireille's Favorite Travel Escapes "
iTravel iShop , March 2008
"No More Diets. You Must Learn to Love Food "
Naples Daily News, February 2008
"Girlfriend Getaway"
Budget Travel, Tuesday, April 17, 2007
"Vive la difference! French author lives well"
Vancouver Courier , April 2007
"Champagne and Pizza "
New York Times, December 2006
"Stay Slim -- and Drink Champagne "
San Francisco Chronicle, December 2006
"A Season for the Senses "
USA Today , October 2006
"Mireille Guiliano on Her Travels and Discoveries "
Town & Country , November 2005
"Fat Times for a French Woman "
Business Week, April 2005
"A Gourmet's Minimalist Flat "
Ny Times Magazine, March 2005
"French author gleefully pokes us in our fat American ribs"
San Francisco Chronicle , February 2005
"10 Question for Mireille Guiliano"
New York Times, February 2005
"Like Champagne for Chocolate "
NY Times, February 2005
"Let Them Drink Water, Eat Yogurt"
Newsweek, January 24, 2005
"Eat Petite "
People, January 2005
"How the Petite Eat "
Time Magazine, January 2005

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